Excerpt from Infosecurity magazine Article – Published on Sep13, 2023

Major resort operator MGM is under fire for persistent security lapses, and specialists in cybersecurity link a new cyberattack to the BlackCat ransomware group. The attack had an impact on several crucial aspects of MGM’s operations, including its main website, the websites of its 31 resorts, a mobile app, online reservations, and in-casino services. Despite announcing that its IT systems had been restored, MGM’s primary website remained unavailable, which prompted questions regarding employee compensation.

This incident highlights the industry’s vulnerability as it deals with sensitive visitor data and big-ticket financial transactions. Cybercriminals also find the intellectual property supporting casino operations to be a tempting target.

A 2019 data breach that first misjudged the exposure of 10 million guest credentials before disclosing that 142 million user details were stolen taints MGM’s cybersecurity record. SenseOn’s director of technology, Brad Freeman, highlights the serious consequences that result from hacking into casino networks.

Although MGM has not formally revealed the incident’s nature, security experts believe it to be a ransomware attack. Centripetal’s cybersecurity evangelist Fergal Lyons speculates that MGM would have to pay the ransom if they ran out of other choices.

The group behind this attack, ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware, has been active since 2021 and has infiltrated more than 100 businesses. The gang has connections to other ransomware groups and cybercriminal cartels. They are well-known for utilizing sophisticated ransomware, Sphinx, and exploiting vulnerabilities.

This event calls into question MGM’s security readiness in the face of emerging cyber threats and highlights the urgent need for better cybersecurity safeguards inside the casino industry.

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