Excerpt from Guardian Article, Published on Dec 18, 2023 

In a recent meeting at the Ministry of Environment in Abuja, the Federal Government highlighted environmental concerns within the cement industry, stressing the significance of adherence to environmental regulations. The Minister of Environment, Mr. Balarabe Lawal, lauded Lafarge Africa for its dedication to environmental sustainability while urging strict compliance with national regulations governing the sector.

Emphasizing the need for modern, cleaner production techniques aligned with global standards, Minister Lawal urged adherence to regulations like the National Environmental (non-metallic minerals manufacturing industries sector) Regulations and the National Action Plan for mercury reduction in the cement sector.

Acknowledging Lafarge Africa’s role as a pivotal player in Nigeria’s construction landscape, the Group Managing Director, Lolu Alade-Akinyemi, reiterated the company’s commitment to responsible operations and environmental sustainability. He highlighted the ministry’s instrumental role in approving crucial projects aimed at enhancing Lafarge Africa’s sustainability initiatives, including swift approvals for alternative fuels and storage permits.

Expressing eagerness for closer collaboration on climate change initiatives, Alade-Akinyemi sought continued ministry support for new projects while proposing streamlined online approval processes to bolster efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

The discussions underscored a shared commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the industry through compliance, innovation, and collaborative efforts between the government and key stakeholders.

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