Excerpt from SecurityWeek Article, Published on Nov 20, 2023 

Yamaha Motor unveils a data breach incident impacting its Philippines-based subsidiary’s employees, following a ransomware attack. The personal information of staff members fell victim to this breach, marking a concerning security lapse.

The Japanese conglomerate disclosed that the attack took place on October 25 and that it only affected one server under the control of Yamaha Motor Philippines, the company’s local motorcycle manufacturing and sales division.

Yamaha Motor reported, “Unauthorized access to the server resulted in a ransomware attack, leading to the partial exposure of employees’ personal data stored within the system.”

In response, Yamaha immediately assembled a response team to mitigate further harm and initiated an extensive investigation. The incident was promptly reported to the Philippine authorities.

By November 16, the investigation concluded that certain personal data within Yamaha Motor Philippines had indeed been compromised.

The company assured that it has successfully restored unaffected servers and systems, emphasizing that the breach did not impact its headquarters or other subsidiaries.

Although the ransomware group behind the attack was not explicitly mentioned, the INC ransom gang has claimed responsibility. This opportunistic group, active since July 2023, targets diverse industries by exploiting vulnerabilities like the critical-severity Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway vulnerability (CVE-2023-3519).

INC Ransom has recently made public data allegedly extracted from Yamaha Motor Philippines, including sensitive documents and employee identification materials. Several other organizations have also fallen victim to this group, raising concerns about the widespread cybersecurity threats posed by such ransomware entities.

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