Excerpt from Timesofindia Article – Published on Jan31, 2024

The Canadian government has confirmed a significant data breach within its global affairs department, raising concerns about unauthorized access to sensitive personal information, including that of employees. Global Affairs Canada (GAC) disclosed the breach, indicating that it prompted an unscheduled IT outage on January 24 to combat what they termed “malicious cyber activity.”

While the precise date of the breach remains undisclosed by GAC, internal sources cited by Canadian media suggest that the department’s systems were vulnerable from December 20 until the discovery in late January. A memo to staff from GAC, as reported by CBC, outlined potential compromises to email traffic and files stored on personal and shared drives. Furthermore, there are indications that sensitive corporate data, such as credit card and banking information, may have been accessed during the breach.

Despite the breach, GAC has assured the public that critical services and external communication channels remain unaffected. The department is actively collaborating with its IT teams to restore full connectivity and has initiated immediate measures to mitigate the breach’s impact. Affected individuals are being notified, and GAC is providing support and guidance to address their concerns.

In response to the breach, GAC has implemented alternative solutions for employees working remotely to ensure uninterrupted operations. Although specific details about the breach have not been disclosed, the department emphasizes its commitment to addressing the situation and safeguarding the privacy of those affected.

The incident underscores the persistent threat of cyberattacks faced by government agencies worldwide and highlights the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information and maintain public trust.

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