Excerpt from Bleeping Computer Article, Published on Nov 10, 2023

In a recent disclosure, Mr. Cooper, the largest home loan servicer in the U.S., revealed evidence of a cyberattack on October 31, leading to the exposure of customer data. While the investigation is ongoing, the company has assured that financial information remains secure, as these systems do not store such data. 

Mr. Cooper emphasized that banking details related to mortgage payments are hosted externally and, based on current information, were unaffected. The company has not disclosed whether ransom demands were made post-breach.

As a precaution, affected customers are advised to monitor credit reports and bank accounts, reporting any suspicious activities promptly. Those potentially impacted are urged to place a ‘fraud alert’ on credit bureau files to detect unauthorized attempts to use their Social Security numbers.

Following the security breach, Mr. Cooper temporarily shut down IT systems, including phone lines, the support chatbot, and the online payment portal. Customers facing payment issues during this period were assured that no fees or negative impacts would be incurred. The company apologized for the inconvenience and pledged to provide regular updates as they work towards resolution.

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