Excerpt from Express computer Article, Published on Dec 04, 2023 

The recent enactment of India’s pioneering Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) on August 11, 2023, has ignited a nationwide call for stringent compliance measures among businesses. Designed to regulate the processing of personal digital data, whether collected online or digitized from offline sources, the act is set to revolutionize data privacy practices within India’s borders.

Headed by Sharad Sadadekar, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance’s Head of Cybersecurity and Data Protection, a comprehensive strategy has been unveiled, outlining crucial steps and strategies for seamless DPDPA compliance. The act emphasizes safeguarding individuals’ rights to control and protect their digital and non-digital personal data, aiming to curtail unauthorized usage for unlawful purposes.

Key components of this compliance strategy include robust leadership commitment, cross-functional collaboration, meticulous data mapping, privacy impact assessments, consent mechanisms, and stringent third-party risk management. The strategy aims to integrate privacy considerations into every phase of product and service development while maintaining thorough documentation for regulatory compliance.

To initiate compliance, a phased approach encompassing understanding the DPDPA provisions, defining roles, and implementing stringent security measures is proposed. Additionally, it emphasizes continuous audits and assessments to ensure ongoing compliance.

This comprehensive approach not only highlights the critical elements but also addresses common challenges faced during DPDPA implementation. It emphasizes the significance of leadership support, resistance mitigation, precise data inventory, robust access controls, effective incident response plans, and prudent vendor risk management.

The enactment of the DPDPA heralds a new era in data protection, necessitating a proactive approach from businesses to align with the stringent regulatory landscape while safeguarding individuals’ privacy rights.

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