Excerpt from The Hindu Business  News Article, Published on Dec 05 2023 

In a recent development, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and IT, emphasized the urgent need for platforms to ensure 100% compliance with forthcoming advisories. These advisories, expected within two days, aim to combat deepfakes and misinformation proliferating across digital platforms.

Chandrasekhar’s meetings with various intermediaries stressed the gravity of adhering to these advisories, warning against any non-compliance. The Minister’s firm stance revolves around protecting ‘Digital Nagriks,’ considering amendments to the Information Technology Rules to fortify platform compliance and user trust.

Chandrasekhar insisted that platforms swiftly remove such content while announcing a “zero tolerance approach” to harm brought on by false information and deepfakes. While some platforms have shown proactive adaptation, others exhibit concerning lethargy, prompting upcoming deliberations within a week to assess progress.

During the India Internet Governance Forum 2023, Chandrasekhar reiterated the importance of a safe and trusted internet for all users. Emphasizing the role of AI in India’s progress, he highlighted the need for platform accountability under Indian law to ensure a secure digital environment.

To oversee compliance with prohibited content areas, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) plans to nominate a rules officer. Chandrasekhar emphasized that the responsibility lies with platforms to address 11 flagged “user harms” or “illegalities,” warning of potential criminal consequences aligned with existing laws.

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