Excerpt from YourStory Article – Published on Sep22, 2023

In a significant development, the Data Protection Board of India, the regulatory body proposed under the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 (DPDPA), is set to be constituted within the next 30 days. The DPDPA, which was enacted into law in August, is designed to safeguard individuals’ personal data and prevent its misuse.

Rajiv Khaitan, Senior Partner at Khaitan & Co., highlighted this progress during his keynote address at TechSparks 2023. He emphasized the importance of this legislation in protecting citizens’ rights and ensuring data privacy in the digital age. “Data is the new oil, they say. And this is one step forward towards protecting the rights of our citizens,” Khaitan remarked.

Khaitan also revealed that draft rules aligned with the DPDPA are expected to be released in the next 4-6 weeks, with a rollout anticipated in November. He expressed optimism that India would achieve full DPDP compliance by 2024.

One of the key aspects of the DPDPA is its graded approach to compliance, tailored to different types of organizations. Early-stage startups will receive exemptions to facilitate their daily operations, ensuring minimal disruption. Government entities with lower levels of digitization will also benefit from extended transition periods to comply with the DPDPA. The DPDPA has three core objectives: protecting citizens’ rights, promoting innovation and growth for startups, and facilitating data access to the government in emergency situations. It covers digital data and data converted into digital form, with Data Fiduciaries holding responsibility for its protection.

Importantly, the DPDPA includes stringent penalties of up to Rs 250 crore for entities found guilty of misusing or inadequately protecting individuals’ digital data, underscoring the government’s commitment to data privacy and security. As India takes bold steps to regulate data protection and privacy, the DPDPA is poised to reshape the data landscape, ensuring a safer and more secure digital future for its citizens and businesses alike.

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