Excerpt from Republicworld Article, Published on Jan 02, 2024

Eagers Automotive, an Australian automotive giant, has acknowledged a recent cyber incident breaching sections of its IT systems, leading to compromised data from its servers. However, the company hasn’t made clear how many people this breach specifically affected.

While the investigation continues, Eagers Automotive stated, “The company is in the process of notifying a limited number of individuals who may be at risk of serious data misuse based on our current findings.”

The breach, involving unauthorized access to parts of the company’s IT infrastructure, has impacted the completion of transactions for certain newly sold vehicles awaiting delivery. Despite this setback, the company assures that the incident’s impact is not anticipated to significantly affect its financial standings for the 2023 fiscal year.

Precise details regarding the number of individuals directly affected by this cyber incident have not been divulged by Eagers Automotive. This breach aligns with a concerning trend in Australia, where corporations have witnessed a surge in cybersecurity breaches in recent times.

In response to this growing threat landscape, Australia’s government is actively reforming cybersecurity regulations. The country aims to introduce a dedicated agency overseeing governmental investments in cybersecurity, aimed at orchestrating coordinated responses to potential hacker attacks. (With inputs from Reuters)

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