Excerpt from Timesofindia Article, Published on Jan 02, 2024 

Delhi’s State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) recently revealed a startling truth: a staggering 80% of projects, having obtained environmental clearance by March 2023, have flouted the mandatory requirement of submitting six-month compliance reports on the Parivesh portal. These reports are obligatory for large-scale construction endeavors, aiming to ensure environmental preservation across various facets like dust and air pollution control, water usage, and tree preservation.

Out of the 25 environmental clearances granted by the current SEIAA until March 2023, merely five projects complied with the submission requirement, raising concerns about potential environmental negligence. SEIAA highlighted the absence of a monitoring mechanism for project compliance post-environmental clearance, stressing potential threats to Delhi’s air quality.

To address this, SEIAA has urged the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change to delegate monitoring authority to the Delhi SEIAA under the Environment Protection Act 1986. Reena Gupta, a SEIAA member, underscored the importance of compliance monitoring, citing citizen complaints regarding construction dust issues. She stressed that failure to meet environmental conditions nullifies the entire purpose of the clearance process.

This revelation emphasizes the critical need for stringent compliance checks and highlights SEIAA’s efforts to enforce environmental norms for sustainable development in the region.

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