Excerpt from InfoSecurity Article, Published on Dec 21, 2023 

ESO Solutions, a critical data provider for healthcare and emergency responders, has begun informing 2.7 million individuals affected by a recent ransomware attack. The breach, occurring on September 28, prompted a temporary shutdown of ESO’s systems to contain the intrusion, with internal systems accessed and encrypted by attackers. Fortunately, ESO restored these systems using backups.

Personal data, including patient names, addresses, and health information, might have been compromised, possibly extending to sensitive details like Social Security numbers. Despite ongoing collaboration with federal authorities, the identity of the ransomware gang remains undisclosed.

ESO’s notification to the Maine Attorney General’s Office revealed the scope of the breach, affecting patients across various healthcare institutions. The company is actively working with affected healthcare providers to inform patients and recommend immediate protective measures against identity theft and potential fraud. Details regarding free credit monitoring for affected patients are yet to be disclosed.

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