What is a Standard?

A Standard is an agreed way of doing something. It could be a specific way of making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials – standards can cover a huge range of industries, domains, and also activities performed by organizations and used by their customers.

Standards are the cumulative wisdom of people with expertise in their subject matter and who have a deep understanding of the organizations they represent – people such as manufacturers, sellers, buyers, customers, trade associations, users or regulators.

Many bodies publish standards right from independent bodies to government or regulatory bodies. There are over 22000 standards published by ISO alone, and today we see a lot many more bodies publishing standards for specific industries, geographies and domains.

What is a Management System?

A Management System is a framework an organization utilizes to effectively manage its processes with a set of policies, procedures and guidelines. It is a tool used by organizations to achieve organizational efficiency whilst demonstrating continual improvement and growth.

It is a defined system of working that allows organizations to strategize in setting more effective objectives that in turn helps them realize their true potential and ultimately their vision.

What is Certification?

Certification is the process of opting for a voluntary assessment by a third-party organization, generally an expert certifying body. It is the obtaining of a single-window document – a certificate, to ensure that your practices are of industry standards.

Who can get Certified?

Any company, irrespective of the size can go for ISO Certification. You can go for ISO certification even if your organization is run by just 1 staff.

Why get Certified for Standards?

Using standards can offer a set of powerful business and marketing tools for organizations of all sizes. You can use them to fine-tune your performance and manage the risks you face while operating in more efficient and sustainable ways; they’ll allow you to demonstrate the quality of what you do to your customers; and they help you to see how to embed best practice into your organization.

How does one get Certified?

CertPro assists organizations of all sizes and domains in achieving compliance and certification status. We act as an end-to-end solutions partner to get your organization compliant with the requirements of the standard, liaise with Certification Bodies to conduct audits, and assist during your audits to ensure guaranteed success.

What does it cost?

The cost mainly depends upon number of employees in your organization, your products and services. The cost also depends upon the Accreditation Body and the Certification Body you choose. Needless to say, our prices are most competitive for our level of service delivery.

Call us on +91 9900 896 896 or email us on [email protected] for further assistance.

How long does it take to get Certified?

The usual timeline is between 2-12 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your organization and the project itself.

What is the validity of the Certificate?

ISO Certifications are valid for a period of 3 years provided your organization clears the Surveillance Audit which is conducted by the Certification Body at the end of year one and two.

Compliance Certifications are valid for a period of 1 year, post which renewal is applicable at a fraction of the original cost.

How can I verify the Certificate?

Every certificate comes with a unique certification number. The certificate is issued from a recognized Certification Body and it can be verified from its Accreditation Body website. Every Certification also comes with a validated Audit Report, which can be verified by directly contacting the Certification Body as well.

Can I avail your services from any country?

Yes, you may avail our services from any country. CertPro has global offices in multiple countries, and a strong network of associates and auditors in all locations listed.

How can I pay for your services?

You can make payments from any part of the world using wire transfer or through our PayPal account. Visit www.certpro.co/payments for more details.

Are there any hidden charges involved?

No. Apart from local GST applicable, no other charges are involved.

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