Excerpt from Hindustan Times Article, Published on Nov 21, 2023 

In a targeted enforcement drive, Uttar Pradesh’s Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) rigorously inspected several major retailers in Lucknow to ensure compliance with Halal certification regulations. The operation, spanning Sahara Mall, Reliance, Spencer, Patanjali, and Apna Mega Mart, focused on verifying the legitimacy of Halal-certified cold drinks, meat, and dry fruits, ensuring approval from state agencies like FSDA and FSSAI.

The Additional Commissioner of FSDA, SP Singh, confirmed that the inspection revealed no violations involving private entities certifying products against regulations. This initiative came after the state government swiftly outlawed the production, storage, and sale of Halal-certified consumer goods by inexperienced private entities. FIRs were lodged against eight companies, solidifying the government’s stance on non-compliance.

This crackdown aims to safeguard public health and eliminate confusion among consumers by prohibiting uncertified Halal products from entering the market. The FSDA reaffirmed its commitment to stringent action against violators, prioritizing public well-being. This proactive measure ensures that Halal-certified products adhere to established standards, maintaining authenticity and compliance for consumers’ confidence and safety.

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