Excerpt from CionewsArticle, Published on Nov 03, 2023

GoodData, a cloud-based data and analytics platform, is proud to announce that its GoodData Cloud analytics platform is now HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. This is a strategic move that meets the needs of healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other relevant parties. This valuable enhancement caters to organizations operating under the United States’ health data laws, specifically when handling ePHI (electronic protected health information). By offering this optional add-on, GoodData reaffirms its commitment to delivering all-encompassing solutions for compliance and robust data security.

HIPAA compliance is an indispensable requirement for U.S.-based entities dealing with electronic health information. Upholding the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of ePHI is both a legal obligation and an essential measure for safeguarding sensitive patient data.

GoodData has added a HIPAA compliance option to its analytics platform without any problems. This is because they know how hard it is for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other related organizations to follow these rules. This pivotal update empowers organizations to navigate regulatory requirements with ease.

Vojtech Luhan, Head of Security and Compliance at GoodData, stated, “GoodData is delighted to introduce the HIPAA compliance option to GoodData Cloud, aiding organizations in fulfilling their regulatory obligations concerning ePHI health data. This new offering underscores our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and data security. We comprehend the challenges our healthcare industry clients face and stand by their side every step of the way.”

Organizations that handle ePHI health data should look into the HIPAA-compliant add-on to the GoodData Cloud Analytics solution to make sure they follow the rules without any problems.

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