Excerpt from IBS Intelligence Article, Published on Dec 20, 2023 

Adenza’s AxiomSL ControllerView platform finds application in Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking (Natixis CIB) for Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) compliance.

Natixis CIB, a French financial services firm, leverages AxiomSL ControllerView to automate HKMA regulatory reporting, slashing the submission cycle by nearly 30%. The platform optimizes data management, reconciliation, and dashboard use for improved business efficiencies.

This regulatory reporting tool ensures transparency through automated processes, handling complex calculations and offering flexibility for streamlined workflows at both corporate and subsidiary levels, expediting regulatory submissions.

AxiomSL’s solution integrates, manages, and reconciles extensive data volumes while adhering rigorously to local regulatory rules and comprehensive governance controls.

Thomas Puget, Natixis CIB’s Chief Financial Officer (Asia Pacific), praised Adenza’s efforts, highlighting their guidance and contributions toward a smooth implementation.

Gabriel Lopes, Managing Director at Adenza, commended Natixis CIB’s global expertise and collaboration, expressing eagerness for future partnerships.

Adenza’s suite, covering trading, treasury, risk management, and compliance, provides on-premises or cloud-based solutions, streamlining operations and ensuring a unified data source for financial institutions.

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