Excerpt from GoodReturns Article, Published on Mar, 03, 2024

Several apps have reappeared on the Google Play Store after adhering to Google’s billing policy, but concerns linger as many others remain delisted, reports indicate.

Murugavel J, the founder and CEO of matrimony.com, confirmed the partial restoration of eight of the company’s apps, including Bengali Matrimony, Marathi Matrimony, Tamil Matrimony, Jodii, and Bharat Matrimony. However, this reinstatement required compliance with Google’s terms. Despite this progress, a significant portion of the company’s 100+ apps are still awaiting restoration on the Play Store.

The government’s stance against app delisting based on billing policies remains firm. IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw expressed disapproval of Google’s actions, emphasizing the need to protect startups. Nonetheless, Google has not taken comprehensive action to reinstate all affected apps, leading to ongoing tensions. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) voiced concerns over the continued delisting of Indian apps, labeling the measures as unfair and disproportionate, particularly amidst legal proceedings. IAMAI highlighted the discrepancy in Google’s actions compared to preferential terms offered to developers in other regions.

IAMAI urged Google to restore the affected apps to their prior status on the Play Store, emphasizing fairness and consistency. Government intervention is scheduled through a meeting with Google and app representatives, aiming to resolve the issue. IAMAI praised the government’s proactive approach and commitment to addressing the concerns. While progress has been made with the reinstatement of a few apps, the majority remain inaccessible on the Play Store. IAMAI’s concerns underscore the necessity for fairness and equitable solutions. The upcoming meeting holds significance in addressing the issue and fostering a conducive environment for India’s tech ecosystem.

The situation reflects the intricate dynamics between tech giants, government regulations, and industry associations, highlighting the ongoing challenges in the digital landscape.

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