iSO 45001:2018

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The standards that defines the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The standard is based on OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 standards that combine the international requirements of management systems and the critical requirements of having a conducive environment of workplace wherein importance is given to the health and safety of the workforce with integration of quality. The standard improves the quality and understanding of critical aspects of occupational hazards that needs risk management and addresses them with proper understanding of protective environment.

ISO 45001 Certification

What are the benefits of ISO 45001 certification?

  • Improves the corporate image of the organization and provides exposure to elite management working modules.
  • Involvement of the workforce with awareness would enhance the efficiency of the organization due to Best Practices.
  • Identification of Hazards and Risks and equips the organization to handle them with a preventive approach.
  • Transforms the process from detection to prevention module.
  • Enhanced supply chain that provides the consistency required to conduct business without obstacles.
  • Decrease in the incidents that hamper business consistency.
  • Integration of the ISO 45001 Certification with other ISO Services.
  • Responsive management towards legal and regulatory requirements of government and customers.
  • Reduces the insurance premiums by implementing the required control at required stages.

Who can get ISO 45001 certification?

Organizations irrespective of its size, location and nature of business can adopt ISO 45001 Certification. Many industries in manufacturing, service, mining, food processing opt for ISO 45001 Certification in order to enhance Occupational Health and Safety requirements. The industries that look at improving the knowledge and involvement of the workforce would require to have this certification system. The organizations that prefer to train their employees in identification and mitigating operational risks of health and safety are advised to get ISO 45001 Certification.

what are the requirements of ISO 45001:2018?

Process Approach
The standard is developed by integrating numerous ISO Services and follows the process approach. Our Business Discovery Process would enhance our understanding of true process of the organization and help us put in place the exact changes required in system. CertPro provides ISO Services based on process approach.

Risks and Opportunities – HIRA
Any organization must understand risks and opportunities in their system related to interested parties and provide documentation in form of HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment). CertPro would assist the organization to identify and mitigate risks and hazards with complete knowledge transfer to the employees to perform and maintain this system of risk handling. ISO 31001 risk management would be critical and would be used as a part of the implementation by CertPro.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
Identification of risks and mitigating them with controls that are provided to the workforce needs to be addressed and CertPro would assist the organization to do the same. PPEs are very crucial and documentation for the same in various parameters is required.

Type & Extent of Control
Organizations need to define and document the type of control using classification methods and the extent of control that would be acceptable by the organization according to the best practices. CertPro would provide detailed training on types of controls and the brief about the best practices based on its expertise in providing ISO Services.

Documentation and Record-Keeping
Any assessor would require documented evidence to evaluate the system and organizations need to maintain documentation in respective stages of implementation. Control of documents is also necessary.

Training – Internal Audit & Standard Knowledge Transfer
Training would be provided in terms of standard knowledge and internal audit. These sectors are very critical and CertPro would provide training to all recognized leaders on Internal Audit, Monitoring and Measurement of the system & ISO 45001 Training (Standard). We believe in transferring the knowledge and decreasing the dependency on any external parties.

External Audit
CertPro would assist its customers to face the External Audit and would be present during the audit to provide solutions for any identification of improvement points. It would also be engaging the customer at regular intervals to help the organization to improve continuously.

What is ISO 9001 Certification

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

A Quality Management System is a set of an interrelated or interacting elements that an organization uses to formulate its Quality Policies and Objectives and establishes processes needed to  achieving them

Health, Safety and Environment | CertPro


The main objective of HSE is to prevent and reduce accidents, emergencies, and health issues at work, along with taking necessary measures to avoid any environmental damage that could result from work practices.

Food Safety Management System


Food Safety Management System is a scientific approach in controlling and monitoring the hazards within a food business chain to make sure that the processed food is safe to consume.

How to get an ISO Certification

How to get an iso certification?

Here we have tried to guide our readers on How to get an ISO Certification without much hassle. We have tried to cover the different aspects that are important during ISO Certifications.

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