Ghana, officially called as republic of Ghana is one of the west African countries with good economic growth that is being evidenced, the country is having a good shoreline compared to its neighbours in Atlantic Ocean. In 2011 was the country with fastest growing economy in the world this pushed the economy to a great extent, but a fall was seen after the same year, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. Ghana is the second largest gold producer in the world and is the second largest cocoa producer. The Ghana is rich with agricultural resources but has limited natural resources. It is also rich in iron ore, manganese ore, bauxite and oil. The countries manufacturing industries is quite advanced due to external investments and the class of products is also accepted in major countries. Ghana is a part of ECOWAS and other associations which has provided required recognition for the nation, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. Ghana is a unitary constitutional democracy and is headed by president who is responsible for the country administration. Ghana universities attract a huge number of foreign students based on its educational system. Ghana also ranks high in safe destinations to visit in Africa based on survey of the travellers. Ghana faces higher challenges in corruption and government efforts are been seen in order to curb the corruption and enhance business.for a developing country ISO Certification in Ghana plays an important role.

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Economic Sectors in Ghana

Economy of This country is very varied and is rich resource based, there are numerous industries that contribute to the economy like automobile, digital goods manufacturing, oil & ship constructions.


Ghana is having advanced level of manufacturing as is one of the pioneers in many industries in Africa, the country is ahead in electronics manufacturing, Car Manufacturing, Electric car manufacturing etc which has provided good employment and is moving ahead in attracting new investors, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. ERP strategies have contributed to countries complete utilization of full capacity of industrialization. The automobile industry which can be classified separately but the same has been mentioned here as the country’s manufacturing also has contributed to make it a productive country. ISO Certification in Ghana have helped industries to build their image towards the investors and attract better knowledge and money in order to improve its current situation of economy, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. There was an increase in ISO 9001 certifications in Ghana during the 20th century and ISO Certifications Consultants in Ghana like CertPro have helped many industries to obtain genuine IAF recognized certifications which has improved their market status.


The country is seen as the forerunner in the field of telecommunications, it is observed that Ghana was one of the first countries to obtain world wide web and is also seen many competition in the field of the telecommunications with major players are providing better services with better prices, the Ghana freedom for media and press needs to be appreciated and is also the best in west Africa this has pushed the electronics and telecommunication in the country to a achievable extent where in the competition in cyber security has led to many ISO 27001 Certifications in Ghana, VAPT in Ghana, ISO 20000 certifications in Ghana has seen an increase in the system and has helped the  overall country to be one of the key exporters from west Africa, hence ISO Certification in Ghana.

Mining & Energy

Ghana is a resource rich country and its also known for its gold reserves in Ashanti, the early 1990 was a boom for this industry, the country is rich with manganese ore and bauxite ore which is one of the key exports of the country, miners have also recovered diamonds from alluvial soils by river deposits and this is also seen as the new source of mining income, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. There are more than 25 large mining companies. Ghana produces energy from Hydropower, renewable resources and coal. Solar energy is also being concentrated and the country wants to generate 6% power efficiency as per consumption by 2020. Ghana can also be an exporter of these energy resources, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. There are numerous high winds places in Ghana, and it is using the same to generate more power.

iso certification in ghana

Why ISO Certification in Ghana?

Since Ghana is an advanced manufacturing country where in recognition from the world was achieved in early 2000 and outstands other African countries. ISO Certifications in Ghana has helped in many sectors, ISO 9001 Certifications in Ghana has helped quality to be understood and improved the aspects. ISO Certification consultants in Ghana like CertPro would assist the organization to understand the requirement of the standards like ISO 14001 Certifications in Ghana would require understanding of the environmental impact and aspect, ISO 45001 Certifications in Ghana would want the organization to pick up the risks that are associated with occupational health and safety. Since the country is focused on improving its economic sectors ISO Services in Ghana would enhance the chances of winning the required order or investments in order to grow in their industry. Agriculture based industries would required ISO 22000 Certifications in Ghana with FSSC 22000 Certifications in Ghana which is a mandatory for USA, UK based clients.

iso certification in Accra

The capital of the nation and the hub of many business and attraction for all investors in the west African region. The ease of doing business with security is better in Accra and is also seen that there is a huge demand for ISO Certification Services in Accra. There is a huge potential in all economic sectors and ISO 27001 Certification in Accra has seen importance in guarding the information and provision of trust among investors, the population of the city is mostly skilled, and ISO 9001 Certifications in Accra has seen a boom. It is also seen as a gamma city and lots of opportunities wait for the city the capital of the nation. ISO Services in Accra is provided by CertPro with complete assistance in availing the certifications from international recognized certification bodies.

iso certification in Tema

The city which controls 80% of the country’s import and export. The city has a huge potential in maritime activities and shipping industry. Its is called as the harbour city and is famous in the west African region, hence ISO Certification in Ghana. Many industries which are present in the city are aluminium, steel, processed sea products, mining transportation etc. ISO Certifications in Tema have seen an increase in demand due to the contacts with other regions of the world. The City saw and increase in ISO 45001 Certifications in Ghana, Tema because of the large employment numbers in this harbour city.  

ISO certification for Tourism

Tourism industry is gradually increasing, and the important part of the economy. Turkey is one of the world’s top ten tourism destination. ISO 21101 In Turkey Safety Management System Adventure tourism is a suitable standard for the country recognized by UNESCO for tourism. Safety of the tourist is the at most priority and ISO 21101 for tourism is one such standard with defined guidelines & accepted by all other countries.

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