iso certification in rwanda

Rwanda is a central Africa country, smallest but the most ahead in economic sector. It lies in the region of great lakes in Africa and is land locked. Rwanda is also deemed as Singapore of Africa, the current leadership is noted to be one of the most economic focused government in the east African region, Rwanda is also part of east African region unions and is exclusively expanding its economic reach to western and middle east countries, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. Though the economy is based on substitute agriculture, but many regions of the economic sector have seen a boost since the new government. ISO Certification in Rwanda has seen an increase in interest as many investors are looking forward to investing in this country which has seen a stable government, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. Rwandan president Paul Kagame has been very proactive in economic measures that are needed to push the economy of the country, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. Quality management system in Rwanda has seen more stringent and industrial revolutions. major export countries are china, Germany and United States of America. Vision 2020 has set its priorities for healthcare, business and economy etc. and this has helped the country to get into various sectors of economy.

Rwanda is still an undeveloped economy even with restricted resources the country is looking at major contribution in east African region by boosting its economic relations and to increase the investments in various sectors. Rwanda also has seen an increase in women representing in parliament and has thus boosted the economic stand as proposed by the government under President Paul Kagame, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. ISO Certification Consultants in Rwanda are seeing the increase in demand in order to adapt the standard and implement the ISO Standards in Rwanda. Major source of income is from agriculture but soon can be taken over by industries, tourism and other forms of earning livelihood. It is also observed in the 2016 and 2017 market study that the low domestic saving, skills and huge power costs has led to declination in foreign investments, but the country has successfully overcome such constraints and are improving day by day, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. The government has taken the education and pure water resource provision as a serious step and has promoted the same in the public by giving huge subsidies and promoting good behaviour by initiating the cleaning drive each month that is mandatory to all citizens. Rwanda has now started to be known as the fastest growing economy, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. The country is looking at moving from the low-income agriculture to middle income service oriented.

ISO 27001 - 2022
CE MARKNG Certification
ISO 27701


why iso certification in rwanda?

The nation has seen huge investments from western countries and is also focused on improving its standard in order to attract new investments, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. ISO Certification in Rwanda is seen as one of the ways to improve the standard of product, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. ISO Services in Rwanda is increased post the growth of political stability in the country and after Rwanda opening itself up for tourism with the most famous mountain guerrilla which attracts many tourists from all over the world.  ISO 9001 Certifications in Rwanda would bring up the practice of Quality over quantity and would also boost to have better understanding of the customer needs, ISO 14001 Certification in Kigali, Rwanda, Butare, Nyanza are very much in demand as the environmental safety to investors is very important, ISO 45001 certifications in Rwanda can help to channelize the work force and also decrease the amount of occupational hazards that may occur in the facility. Global G.A.P certifications in Rwanda has seen an increase due to the country’s dependency on the agriculture source. FSSC 22000 in Rwanda is the next big and most required certificate as the requirement of such recognition to meet the food processing industries which have external requirements is crucial, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s stand on economy

Rwanda has set its goals high with the new leadership under the president, its Vision 2020 which is a major boost post the genocide in 1994 has been almost achieved with support from international community and is also seen as the safest country in the African continent, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. The country has seen major boom in the flow of tourists as it also is boosting its natural reserves and safari based on Kenya model which is also an east African country. The country has its focus on the increase in per capital GDP and wants to move from low income country to middle income country by 2035, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. Rwanda has upscaled its industries according to the investment requirements and ease to do business has been recognized by the world bank. The challenges would be its limited reserves and agriculture-based mentality of the citizens.  

iso certification in Kigali

Kigali is performing extremely well in hosting many investors and thus contributing highest towards the economy. Even though Rwanda is mainly a agriculture based economy which is considered to be low income country but the latest developments in the country with stability in economy and politics has proven to be the best, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. Food industry is a region which needs to be developed in Rwanda as 50% of the food is imported and ISO 22000 Certifications in Kigali, Rwanda would help the country to boost its independency from imports, ISO 9001 Certifications in Kigali has boosted the quality aspect as required by international clients, ISO 14001 certifications in Kigali has also seen an increase in demand due to the demand for conserving the nature reserve in the country, ISO 45001 Certifications in Kigali has been adopted by many industries that are looking forward to develop the economy through foreign investments. ISO 27001 certifications in Kigali has boosted the internet users and cafes which offer a window to the external world and connect all with ease, hence ISO Certification in Rwanda. ISO Certification Consultant in Kigali like CertPro have contributed in improving the overall understanding of the standard and certify the clients with IAF recognized certifications. CertPro in Rwanda has increased the efficiency of many industries like tourism, Small scale manufacturing industries, Agricultural food products etc.

iso certification in rwanda

Why CertPro for your ISO certification in rwanda?

CertPro has been associated with African And Rwandan clients for the past decade. Having done multiple projects for both private and government companies, the expertise in delivering timely projects at affordable costs has put us in the forefront for ISO certification in Rwanda.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, and ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025. These are just a few of our successful implementations and certifications in Rwanda over the years.

Why are we the best?

  • Local ISO consultants in Rwanda to ensure you get all benefits of onsite and online consulting.
  • Expertise in recommending the best cost-effective Certification Body to fit your needs. Thereby ensuring success to your ISO certification in Rwanda.
  • Experience in working with Rwanda organizations of small-medium-large scale across various ISO standards.
  • Transparency in audits and certifications. No hidden charges or bribes at any stage.
  • A widespread network of associates in Rwanda, ensuring you support in the local language.
  • Cert Pro’s Business excellence can make your business global too.
  • Our state-of-the-art certifications will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.
  • Industry specific knowledge of our ISO consultants in Rwanda will optimize processes for your existing businesses.
  • Focus on risk management and customer satisfaction; direct tools to boost your revenues and reduce operational costs.
  • We at Cert Pro have a better understanding of the requirements of government tenders. Thereby assuring you of timebound success for your ISO certification in Rwanda.


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