Excerpt from Indianexpress Article – Published on Aug 12, 2023

Karnataka’s School Education Minister, Madhu Bangarappa, has postponed the crackdown on 1,695 unauthorized private schools due to student concerns. He warned non-compliant schools to adhere to regulations promptly to avoid potential consequences. Several unaided school management associations also engaged in discussions with the minister about various matters.

Initially, the education department had set a May 30 deadline for schools to fulfill 52 compliance rules, but no action was taken due to student considerations.

Bangarappa explained that around 1,700 unauthorized schools have been identified for non-compliance with departmental laws. The violations include a lack of registration, unauthorized additions of sections, the absence of no-objection certificates, and more. Despite these issues, students are still attending these schools. Stopping their operations would disrupt students’ education, which is a concern.

He emphasized that schools should conform to regulations and seek necessary approvals. If they fail to comply, appropriate action will be taken. Any newly established schools found to be violating the law will face consequences for the education officials involved.

The violations encompass aspects like unregistered schools, a lack of no-objection certificates, unauthorized curricula, additional sections, and the use of unapproved textbooks.

Additionally, school associations requested flexibility in renewal norms for recognition concerning fire safety and land conversion, aligned with High Court directives. Bangarappa assured them that discussions would take place with the fire department to explore potential solutions.

Furthermore, the minister announced the initiation of “Motte Bhagya,” a scheme involving the provision of two eggs per week in midday meals, starting from August 18 across government and aided schools, including Classes 9 and 10.

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