Excerpt from Theregister Article, Published on Dec 15, 2023 

Amid claims of a ransomware breach by the Snatch extortion gang, Kraft Heinz asserts its systems remain operational while investigating the alleged data compromise. The company, encompassing well-known brands like Oscar Meyer and Kool-Aid, refrained from confirming Snatch’s assertions of internal information theft, suggesting the incident might involve a decommissioned marketing website on an external platform.

While Snatch proclaimed breaching Kraft Heinz’s IT infrastructure in August without specifying stolen data, the company maintains that internal systems show no signs of a broader attack. However, security analysts caution against definitive conclusions, citing the gang’s unreliability.

Snatch, known for double-extortion tactics and targeting various sectors, including technology and food, typically demands ransom payments to prevent data leaks. The gang’s modus operandi involves exploiting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and dwelling on networks before deploying ransomware.

Although Kraft Heinz confirms no broader impact on its operations, the incident raises concerns about cyber threats in various sectors. The FBI’s issued warning provides indicators to detect and prevent Snatch-style intrusions, emphasizing the gang’s persistence and tactics.

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