Excerpt from Business Today Article, Published on Mar 12, 2024

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has launched legal proceedings against one of its former vice presidents, alleging a significant breach of trust and data security following his departure to an undisclosed AI cloud computing startup, according to Bloomberg reports.

The individual in question, Dipinder Singh Khurana, also known as T.S. Khurana, served at Meta for twelve years, rising to a senior role as VP of infrastructure. However, Meta asserts that Khurana violated his contractual obligations by absconding with a trove of proprietary and highly confidential documents relating to Meta’s internal operations and personnel.

The complaint, filed on February 29 in a California state court in Contra Costa County, claims that Khurana illicitly transferred these sensitive documents to his personal Google Drive and Dropbox accounts just before leaving Meta. Meta further alleges that Khurana’s actions had tangible consequences, as at least eight employees listed in the stolen documents subsequently departed Meta to join Khurana’s new venture last year.

The lawsuit asserts that Khurana’s behavior during his departure from Meta and thereafter demonstrates a blatant disregard for both contractual and legal obligations. A spokesperson for Meta emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that the company takes such misconduct seriously and remains committed to safeguarding its confidential business information and employee data.

This legal action highlights the ongoing challenges companies face in protecting sensitive information, particularly in the realm of data security and employee loyalty. Meta’s decision to pursue legal recourse underscores the gravity of the alleged breach and its commitment to upholding its contractual agreements and safeguarding proprietary information.

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