Excerpt from Financial Express Article, Published on Nov 08, 2023

In a move aimed at upholding passenger rights and regulations, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India’s aviation regulator, has taken action against Air India. The airline has been issued a show cause notice for its failure to comply with passenger facility regulations.

The DGCA has been actively conducting inspections of scheduled domestic airlines at major airports since May 2023 to ensure adherence to passenger-centric Civil Aviation Requirements (CARs). During these inspections, it came to light that Air India was not in compliance with the relevant CAR provisions.

The DGCA, in a release, stated, “During the inspections of the airlines, it was observed that Air India was not complying with the provisions of the relevant CAR. Accordingly, a show cause notice has been issued to Air India seeking their response for non-compliance with the provisions of the CAR.”

Air India has until November 17 to submit their response to the show cause notice. If necessary, the airline can request an in-person hearing on the matter.

The DGCA emphasizes the importance of consistently strengthening passenger rights and ensuring that airlines operate in accordance with globally recognized best practices to provide travelers with harmonized conditions.

With India’s domestic air passenger traffic steadily increasing, this regulatory action underscores the commitment to maintaining high standards in one of the world’s fastest-growing civil aviation markets.

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