Excerpt from Bleeping Computer Article, Published on Dec 27, 2023 

Panasonic Avionics Corporation, a prominent provider of in-flight communication and entertainment systems, disclosed a data breach stemming from a cyberattack in December 2022. The breach, recently unveiled, impacted an undisclosed number of individuals after a subset of devices within the corporate network was compromised.

The accessed information, collected from affected individuals and their employers, includes personal data like names, contact details, dates of birth, medical and health insurance information, financial account numbers, employment status, and government identifiers like Social Security numbers.

While personal and health data were exposed, Panasonic has not found evidence of misuse post-attack. In response, the company has committed to providing 24 months of free identity and credit monitoring services via Kroll for those affected, advising vigilance against any suspicious activities in their reports.

Panasonic emphasized that the breach’s impact remained confined to a limited amount of employee and business customer data. Notably, the incident did not affect the functionality of in-flight entertainment systems, connectivity, digital solutions, or maintenance operating systems.

Despite the breach’s scope, Panasonic’s operations remained unaffected. With their in-flight entertainment solutions installed on over 15,000 commercial airplanes, serving more than 200 airlines globally, this breach underlines the company’s commitment to fortifying security measures to safeguard sensitive data in the aviation industry.

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