Excerpt from Investing Article – Published on Oct 18, 2023

PwC India has unveiled a pivotal collaboration with Workiva, a leading cloud-based integrated reporting platform, aimed at addressing the escalating demands for precise and transparent governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) within the Indian business landscape.

Underpinned by a commitment to enhancing the customer experience, this partnership melds PwC India’s extensive expertise in reporting and GRC with Workiva’s purpose-built solutions. The primary goal is to empower Indian enterprises, instilling stakeholder confidence through heightened consistency, precision, timeliness, and ownership across an array of critical operational areas, spanning financials, ESG, audit, risk, controls, policy adherence, and local regulatory compliance.

This synergy leverages Workiva’s unified SaaS platform to connect people, streamline processes, and harness data, effectively diminishing risk, bolstering control, promoting collaboration, and freeing up valuable time for more enriching tasks.

Sivarama Krishnan, Partner and Leader of Risk Consulting at PwC India, emphasized the transformative potential of a robust GRC strategy as a strategic asset, one that propels business performance. He affirmed that Workiva’s technology solutions would complement PwC India’s comprehensive suite of integrated control, compliance, and certification capabilities across all industry sectors.

Erik Saito, SVP and General Manager, EMEA and APAC, of Workiva, emphasized the role of technology in enabling financial reporting, ESG, and GRC teams to collaborate seamlessly and meet stakeholder demands for timely, assured integrated reports. The Workiva platform, rather than focusing on a single aspect, unifies these three key functions.

Vivek Belgavi, Partner and Leader of Alliances and Ecosystems at PwC India, underlined how Workiva would enhance their alliance ecosystem, granting businesses complete control over data and visibility into the entire GRC process, from early risk identification to final reports.

This strategic alliance promises to reshape risk and compliance functions within India Inc., enhancing efficiency, precision, and transparency for a future of more informed decision-making.

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