Excerpt from Free press journal Article – Published on Sep18, 2023

In response to the escalating challenges posed by rapidly evolving risk and compliance landscapes, Wipro Limited, a prominent technology services and consulting firm, has forged a dynamic partnership with ServiceNow. This collaboration aims to introduce the game-changing “Wipro Cyber Transform: Intelligent ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions,” poised to reshape the way organizations manage risk and compliance in today’s digital era.

As businesses grapple with the complex interplay of cybersecurity, regulatory adherence, and growth imperatives, this innovative solution promises a holistic and integrated approach. The “Wipro Cyber Transform” offering provides organizations with a versatile framework to seamlessly integrate ServiceNow Risk and Security into their existing operations, delivering swift issue resolution and heightened operational efficiency. Furthermore, it empowers cybersecurity and compliance teams by generating actionable insights.

Key highlights of this transformative solution include:

Advanced Risk Exposure Control: Organizations gain access to continuous monitoring capabilities and real-time dashboards that spotlight high-risk areas, non-compliance instances, vendor statuses, and audit findings.

Enhanced Visibility: By consolidating risk and compliance management into a unified program, businesses achieve heightened visibility into their security and compliance standings.

Scalable Security Solutions: The solution equips enterprises with the tools needed to effectively combat specific cyber threats, ensuring robust protection.

Saugat Sindhu, Global Head of Strategy & Risk Practice at Wipro Limited, underscored the critical role of this integrated solution, stating, “Cyber threats are ever-evolving, as are compliance requirements, and with many teams being asked to do more with less, this integrated solution will ensure the organization is kept safe and compliant.”

Brian Rizman, Managing Partner of ServiceNow Risk and Security Solutions at Wipro Limited, highlighted the collaborative aspect of this partnership, noting that “ServiceNow Risk and Security Operations solutions afford clients the ability to collaborate and coordinate through a common data hub, supported with technologies such as machine learning and AI.”

Mike Yancheson, Senior Director of Partner Acceleration at ServiceNow, emphasized the pressing nature of cybersecurity concerns in today’s corporate landscape, adding, “There is high demand for repeatable, proven offerings, and we look forward to further collaboration with Wipro as we continue to expand our partnership.”

This strategic alliance between Wipro and ServiceNow promises to usher in a new era of risk and compliance management, providing organizations with the tools and insights needed to navigate today’s complex business landscape effectively.

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