Excerpt from CyberDaily Article – Published on Feb 05, 2024

Genesis Motors Isuzu UTE has fallen victim to a Trigona ransomware attack, prompting concerns about data security and potential repercussions for the automotive company. The attack, orchestrated by the Trigona cybercriminal gang, surfaced on January 30 when the group posted a limited set of proof-of-hack documents on its darknet leak site.

While the exact extent of the data breach remains undisclosed, Trigona has initiated an auction for the compromised data, setting the starting price at a staggering US$150,000. This move signifies the gang’s utilization of auction threats to coerce Genesis Motors Isuzu into repurchasing its data or engaging in bidding alongside other interested parties. In a bold statement accompanying the leak site post, a Trigona spokesperson emphasized the value of the pilfered data, citing insights into company strategies, customer behaviors, and operational vulnerabilities. The leaked documents include sensitive information such as résumés, passports, driver’s licenses, and bank statements of foreign nationals employed by Genesis Motors Isuzu.

Trigona, aptly named after a family of stingless bees, has surfaced as a formidable cyber threat since its emergence in May 2023, with 19 recorded attacks to date. Despite its relatively low frequency, the gang has notably increased its operational tempo since the onset of 2024. In contrast to nine ransomware incidents in 2023, Trigona has already targeted an equal number of victims in January 2024 alone. Alongside Genesis Motors Isuzu, the gang has disclosed breaches involving CMG Drainage Engineering and Daher Contracting in the US, as well as Ausa in Spain.

Trigona’s modus operandi typically involves exploiting vulnerabilities in Zoho ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus or purchasing direct access through intermediaries. These tactics underscore the sophistication and adaptability of modern cybercriminal enterprises, posing significant challenges to cybersecurity measures across industries. The attack on Genesis Motors Isuzu UTE underscores the urgent need for heightened vigilance and robust cybersecurity frameworks to mitigate the evolving threat landscape. As businesses navigate the complexities of digital security, proactive measures and collaborative efforts are paramount to safeguarding sensitive data and preserving operational integrity in an increasingly digitized world.

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