Excerpt from Timesofindia Article, Published on Jan 03, 2024

Xerox Corporation’s US division, Xerox Business Solutions (XBS), faces the aftermath of a significant data breach, with sensitive personal information of clients and staff exposed to hackers affiliated with the INC Ransomware group. The US-based Xerox Corporation confirmed the breach, which resulted in the theft of private documents and data but did not affect operational processes.

The breach, occurring on December 29th, saw INC Ransomware infiltrating XBS’s systems, subsequently claiming access to a trove of sensitive materials. Email communications, including content and addresses, payment particulars, invoices, completed request forms, and purchase orders, were among the pilfered data, according to details shared on the INC Ransom data leak site reported by Bleeping Computer.

Despite confirming the breach, Xerox Corporation emphasized that the cyberattack had no discernible impact on the regular operations of Xerox or XBS. However, an initial investigation revealed the potential exposure of limited personal information. The company admitted that the breach might involve data linked to multiple clients, partners, and employees within the XBS network, although the full extent remains undisclosed at this juncture.

In response to the breach, Xerox has pledged to notify all individuals affected once a comprehensive assessment confirms the impact on each party. This move aligns with their commitment to transparency and accountability in handling such cybersecurity incidents.

This isn’t the first time Xerox has faced ransomware threats. In 2020, the Maze ransomware group targeted the company, threatening to release over 100GB of stolen data. The recurrence of such security threats underscores the persistent challenges corporations face in safeguarding their data from sophisticated cybercriminals.

The breach at Xerox Business Solutions highlights the imperative for heightened cybersecurity measures and proactive strategies to fortify sensitive data against evolving cyber threats in today’s digitally interconnected landscape.

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