For all steps in our implementation, We follow a standard PDCA cycle as prescribed by ISO. Multiple standards will be implemented under Integrated Management System (IMS).


  • Definition of problems
  • Setting goals
  • Choice of methods


  • Practice the method
  • Execute
  • Make changes


  • Measure and record results
  • Check for deviations
  • Root Cause Analysis


  • Corrective Actions
  • Improve the work system
  • Solutions for desired results

The Certificate is valid for 3 years subject to Surveillance at the end of year one and two. As a part of our consulting efforts, we aim at helping organizations achieve continual improvement and dollar value return on investment; in a structured manner.

Initial Certification

Ensure compliance and successful certification as per standard requirement

Surveillance I

Help demonstrate continual improvement through validated change

Surveillance II

Help achieve a return on investment by utilizing established change

Our standard delivery methodology follows a nine step cycle. Each activity has a set of tasks, deliverables and dependencies, and each of these are tailored as per project scope and requirements.

Business Process Discovery

Discussion with top management to understand the various business functions.

Scope Optimization

Discussion with management to optimize scope of the project; implementation and certification.

GAP Assessment

Discussions to understand deviations from standard requirements.

Remediation – Process
and Documentation

Process optimization and Documentation repository and support.

Training – Standard
Knowledge Transfer

Training on standard concepts and its business application.

Training – Internal Audit

Selection of Internal Auditors and training them on internal auditing techniques and its outcomes.

IA and MRM

Carrying out the Internal Audit and communicating results in a Management Review Meeting.

Pre-Audit Assessment

Carrying out an assessment of implemented processes and documentation for audit preparation.

External Audit

Representing your organization during External Audit to
ensure success.

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