Excerpt from TheHindu Article, Published on Mar 17, 2024

The Kollam district administration is taking proactive measures to ensure the Lok Sabha elections maintain an environmentally friendly approach. Political parties and candidates have been directed to adhere strictly to green protocol guidelines, aiming to minimize environmental impact throughout the electoral process.

In an effort to curb the usage of plastic, PVC, and disposable materials, parties are urged to opt for Eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable and recyclable materials. Specifically, the ban extends to the use of PVC and plastic in flags, boards, banners, and other promotional materials. Official advertisements and signage are required to be crafted from cotton, paper, or polyethylene, excluding any non-recyclable materials with plastic content or coating, such as Korean cloth, nylon, or polyester. Stringent measures are in place to enforce compliance, with legal action threatened against parties found using prohibited materials during campaigning. Moreover, election offices are encouraged to employ Eco-friendly products for decoration purposes.

During the setup of polling booths, strict adherence to the prohibition of plastic items is mandated. Green protocol awareness sessions are integrated into the training programs for election officials to ensure comprehensive understanding and implementation. Polling officers and agents are instructed against carrying food items and drinking water in plastic containers or bottles. Additionally, official photo voter slips distributed by political parties must not be left within the polling premises. Authorities are tasked with collecting these slips and delivering them to designated collection centers for proper disposal.

Post-election, collaborative efforts between Local Self Government bodies, Haritha Kerala Mission, Suchitwa Mission, voluntary organizations, and political parties are anticipated to conduct extensive cleaning drives to remove campaign materials and restore environmental integrity.

The initiative underscores the district administration’s commitment to sustainable practices and sets a precedent for future electoral processes, emphasizing environmental responsibility alongside democratic participation.

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