iso certification in kuwait

Kuwait officially known as the State of Kuwait; is a country in Western Asia. It shares borders with Iraq and Saudi. Oil reserves are discovered in commercial quantities, as a result, the country underwent large-scale modernization leading to a large requirement of ISO Certification in Kuwait. Kuwait underwent an economic crisis during the invasion by the Iraqi terrorists, Kuwait is strongly Supported by the United States and China. Kuwait has a high-income economy backed by the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves in the country. Kuwait is also the fourth-highest per capita income, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait.

Kuwait economy is mainly dependent on petroleum and its by-products. The Kuwaiti dinar is the high-value unit of currency in the entire world. Kuwait is the seventh richest country in the world with its intensive crude export from decades, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. Petroleum accounts for half of GDP and 90% of government income, there are very few Non-petroleum industries in Kuwait, and they are into the financial service. There has been a significant growth rate of entrepreneurship and small business start-ups in Kuwait, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait.

The petroleum industry in Kuwait is the largest industry in the country, Kuwait’s oil production accounts for 7% of world oil production. Government of Kuwait owns all oil industry, it holds the controls over the country economy, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. The Kuwaiti government has directed investments into Europe, the United States, and the Asia Pacific. Kuwait has a state-funded health care system, which provides treatment without any charge to Kuwait nationals.

Kuwait has the highest literacy rate among the Arabian world. Tourism account 1.5% of the country GDP. Hala Febrayer is one of the festivals where many visitors are visiting Kuwait in the month of February, includes music concerts, parades, and carnivals, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. Festival runs for the entire month of February, liberation day is celebrated on 26th of February. Well developed network of transportation in the commercial area, also well-developed highways, most people travel by automobile.

ISO 27001 - 2022
CE MARKNG Certification
ISO 27701


Why ISO Certification in Kuwait?

Kuwait is one of the leading countries in the financial industry all over GCC; Many of the oil industries in Kuwait are undertaken by the government. A country with mainly dependent on this crude oil, it is mandatory to look in employee safety, Quality, and environmental hazard, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. Kuwait is largely in exports of Petroleum products, majorly to South Korea, China, Japan, and India. ISO certification plays a vital role in the acceptance of trade to these countries; one of the key element side by side along with the business. ISO gains the trust of an organization in terms of quality of product and service, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. There are a large number of start-up companies started, Instagram business helped the country to exchange knowledge of industrial expertise and knowledge on the same. Kuwait being one among richest country its interest in providing the best product and service to its customer, it has adapted many management tools for its betterment; ISO is one among these tools widely known and implemented, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. As Kuwait is majorly into Oil and byproducts of the crude, some of the standards applicable are ISO 9001 Quality Management system certification, ISO 14001 Environment Management System certification and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and safety management system compliance and certification.

ISO 29001 certification is for Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries, which are the most specific quality management system defining about requirements for the product and service supply organization, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait.  

The service industry in Kuwait is in financial services and into tourism. ISO 27001 certification information security management system, ISO 20000-1 certification on service management System, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and Information Technology Service Management System (ITSM) are few standards applicable for service industries in Kuwait.

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 29001, 27001, 20000-1, GDPR, HIPAA, 27018, 21001, 21101, VAPT, etc certification in Kuwait is in demand serving the needs and expectations of its customer and the regulatory bodies.

iso certification in Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the largest city among all other cities of Kuwait and also the capital of the country. It is the cultural, economic and political center of the emirate. The city has a port and an international airport is the major source for trade of the needs. Kuwait has petroleum, byproducts and fertilizers are the main export products. Dense population in Kuwait city promoted commercial buildings and startups, ISO certification in Kuwait city been an add-on and trust factors for their customers. Many ISO certifications are complying with the internal requirements of the government body, not just within the country also with the neighboring countries and their regulatory requirements, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait.  

iso certification in kuwait

iso certification in Hawally

Hawally is a city zone of the Hawalli Governorate situated in the State of Kuwait. In Kuwait, Hawally is a big city suburb and the commercial center for most computer-related goods. Hawally is now a home & startup hub to many of the Arab populations in Kuwait including Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians and Lebanese, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. It is also home to many Asians including, Indians, Filipinos, Nepalis, and Pakistanis. ISO Certification in Hawally for this expatriates to deliver the expectation set by a nation within & out on their product or service.

iso certification in Salmiya

Salmiya city is one of the cities in Hawalli Governate in the state of Kuwait. Salmiya has been a model district in the context of modernization. It is one of the oldest and largest shopping districts of Kuwait, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. The education sector in Kuwait been widely influenced by the Indian & Pakistan education, as there are some of the oldest schools in Salmiya are from this country, which apparently catered a large number of the Indian community in Salmiya, hence ISO Certification in Kuwait. ISO certification in Salmiya has helped the city for its development in education, trade, research lab & parks.

CertPro offers all the ISO Certification for Kuwait City, Hawally, Salmiya, and all other cities of Kuwait.  CertPro expertise to provide service on various standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 29001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, and ISO 27001, ISO 20000, GDPR, HIPAA, VAPT ISO 13485, ISO 17025, CE, etc. These are just a few of our successful implementations, training, and certifications in Kuwait over the years.

Why CertPro for your ISO certification in kuwait?

CertPro has been associated with Kuwaiti clients for the past decade. Having done multiple projects for both private and government companies, the expertise in delivering timely projects at affordable costs has put us in the forefront for ISO certification in Kuwait.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, 29001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, and ISO 27001, ISO 20000, GDPR, HIPAA, 27018, 27005, etc. These are just a few of our successful implementations and certifications in Kuwait over the years.

Why are we the best?

  • Local ISO consultants in Kuwait to ensure you get all the benefits of onsite and online consulting.
  • Expertise in recommending the best cost-effective Certification Body to fit your needs. Thereby ensuring success to your ISO certification in Kuwait.
  • Experience in working with the Kuwait organizations of small-medium-large scale across various ISO standards.
  • A widespread network of associates in Kuwait, ensuring your support in the regional language.
  • Cert Pro’s Business excellence can make your business global too.
  • Our state-of-the-art certifications will give you the ultimate competitive advantage.
  • Industry-specific knowledge of our ISO consultants in Kuwait will optimize processes for your existing businesses.
  • Focus on risk management and customer satisfaction; direct tools to boost your revenues and reduce operational costs.
  • We at CertPro have a better understanding of the requirements of government tenders. Thereby assuring you of timebound success for your ISO certification in Kuwait.


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