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Lebanon is officially known as the Lebanese Republic. Lebanon underwent many wars and after 1990s country major program to reconstruct its social and urban infrastructure.  Tourism if the prominent source of income, meanwhile industries sectors suffered the most. Many factories were destroyed and have not rebuilt. Consultants, planners, designers, architects, industrialists, and academics were recruited to rebuild the industrial sectors in the country – leading to a huge demand for ISO Certification in Lebanon. Many Lebanese were amongst these specialist drawn from the top organization around the world. The local community also supported the program, with past differences put aside to accept the new challenge, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon.

Lebanon is a small country, recognized by a sovereign state on the mainland Asian Continent with a small population of 3.6 Million, but its heritage of trading since Phoenician times ensures that international exporters still holds the major sector of the country, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Lebanon is keen to increase in the rate of exports and to have its country-based companies in and around the world to encourage its exports. In recent years, international buyers are interested in products, services and establish lines of supply with the country, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon.  In recent years Lebanon has signed an association agreement with the European Union, which allows Lebanon goods freely into the European Union.

ISO 27001 - 2022
CE MARKNG Certification
ISO 27701


Why ISO Certification in Lebanon?

Lebanon is a country developing with its other source to build industrial stability and income. The country is already doing good with banking and tourism, there are standard guidelines specifically for these sectors. ISO certification in Lebanon for Banking and related services are strongly recommended as this business is at a global level and management skills on handling the global clients and their information, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. ISO 27001 certification & ISO 20000 are particularly for information security and It service management which will improve the confidence, trust & service needs. ISO 22001 certification helps to export food material, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. CE marking is for the products exporting to Europe Union (EU). ISO 21101 certification in Lebanon is for another major sector tourism, ISO 21101 is a combination of concepts of OHMS, EMS & QMS, majorly the safety of tourists & staff.

As Lebanon reconstructing its infrastructure, the country is going through multiple phases of improvements; ISO certification can help various sectors start from scratch to initiate new businesses in Lebanon, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. This start can help the country to run parallelly along with the other competitive markets, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Some of the major industries Lebanon are in to are banking, tourism, food processing, cement, jewelry, textile, mineral and chemical products, and metal fabrication, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon.

Lebanon economy is has seen many ups-down due to a number of wars in and borders of the country, the Syrian civil war was one among that even today, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Lebanon is in debts of nearly $47 billion, due to this government is unable to call new development projects. Lebanon has the largest number of skilled labor among the Arab states, 65% of the Lebanese workforce attain employment in the services sector, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Unemployment is the biggest crisis fo the nation, due to migrated hostages from Syria. 

Agricultural contributes 5.9% of country GDP as per 2011 stats. Lebanon produces majorly apples, peaches, orange, and lemons, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Oil resources are recently identified and some of the Arab countries are contributing to research on exploring these resources, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Through recent research, it is believed to hold significant quantities of crude oil and natural gas near seabed separating Lebanon and Cyprus. Lebanon is well known for its wine from centuries.

Banking is one of Lebanon’s most successful sectors contributing more than 8% of the national GDP Since 1920s banking sector has grown steadily. Lebanese banks are high on flexibility and reputed for their security. Today Lebanon has 63 world-recognized banks, active mostly in trade finance, project finance, and private banking, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon.

The tourism industry accounts for about 10% of country GDP. The most visited communities are from Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Japan and other parts of Arab countries. A Japanese tourist has influenced the hotel business to implement Japanese cuisine & customs in Lebanon. Europe and Saudi Arabia pledged to contribute majorly in the reconstruction of Lebanon, supporting its core sectors like Banking, Tourism and real estate, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon.

iso certification in lebanon

iso certification in Beirut

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon, Beirut is the countries largest and the main seaport supporting the economy for its trade. It is also one of the oldest city in the world. Beirut plays a major role in the Lebanon economy, with the most number of banks and corporation in the country, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. The banking system is also known as the backbone of the city economy. Tourism is another major sector of Beirut, for its historical importance it also been the revenue generator supporting the economy of the city and remains to this day to be the major source of revenue. ISO certification in Beirut significantly support the other small startups, as many countries are investing in Lebanon for its reconstruction, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. Business is open in this city and investors & consultants are very much interested in the workforce of the city to reach the global standards in terms of various factors on product or service.

ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 21101, ISO 22000, VAPT, FSSC are some of the standards are widely in demand with this city. 


Tripoli is the second-largest city in Lebanon after Beirut, the city also famous for the only four islands of Lebanon. Tourism is one of the major sectors of Tripoli, ISO certification in Tripoli for Tourism and related industries guides the management-level skills set by the global market with regards to the quality and safety of the staff and visitors, hence ISO Certification in Lebanon. The maximum advantage of branding the global practice help the city and country to attract global investors and tourists.

CertPro offers all the ISO Certification for Beirut, Tripoli & all other cities of Lebanon.  CertPro expertise to provide service on various standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 29001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, and ISO 27001, ISO 20000, GDPR, HIPAA, VAPT ISO 13485, ISO 17025, CE, etc. These are just a few of our successful implementations, training, and certifications in Lebanon over the years.

Why CertPro for your ISO certification in lebanon?

CertPro has been associated with Lebanon clients for the past decade. Having done multiple projects for both private and government companies, the expertise in delivering timely projects at affordable costs has put us in the forefront for ISO certification in Lebanon.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, 29001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 50000, and ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 21001, GDPR, HIPAA, 27018, 27005, CE Mark, etc. These are just a few of our successful implementations and certifications in Lebanon over the years.

Why are we the best?

  • Local ISO consultants in Lebanon to ensure you get all the benefits of onsite and online consulting.
  • Expertise in recommending the best cost-effective Certification Body to fit your needs. Thereby ensuring success to your ISO certification in Lebanon.
  • Experience in working with the Lebanon organizations of small-medium-large scale across various ISO standards.
  • A widespread network of associates in Lebanon, ensuring your support in the regional language.
  • Cert Pro’s Business excellence can make your business global too.
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  • Industry-specific knowledge of our ISO consultants in Lebanon will optimize processes for your existing businesses.
  • Focus on risk management and customer satisfaction; direct tools to boost your revenues and reduce operational costs.
  • We at CertPro have a better understanding of the requirements of government tenders. Thereby assuring you of timebound success for your ISO certification in Lebanon.


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